NordSec 2006

The 11th Nordic Workshop on Secure IT-systems
19-20 October 2006
Linköping, Sweden


Conference venue

NordSec 2006 will be located at Linköpings universitet (Campus Valla), B building (B-huset), room Visionen on corridor C. To reach Visionen, take the entrance 27B from the B building. The Visionen room is in the third corridor to the left. The Visionen room is also accessible from the E buiding, entrance 27E. The Visionen room is in the third corridor to the right. There will be signs indicating the way to the Visionen room and the Conference Registration.

How to get to the University from downtown

Most of the hotels are located in downton. You can reach the University from downtown either by taxi or by bus.

  • by taxi. Some taxi companies in Linköpings:
    TAXIKURIR    013-10 10 00
    Taxibil      013-14 60 00  		
    The price from the hotels downtown to the University is about 160 SEK per car.
  • by bus. Take the bus 202 (towards LAMBOHOV). The bus stations closest to the workshop venue are marked on the map below. The timetable for the bus is given here. Morning bus passes every 10 minutes, and the ride is about 20 minutes.

Map with University and the nearby bus stations

Bus stations at LiU

There are two bus stations near the University Campus (see the map): Universitetet and (next one) Vallfarten. Get out of the bus at Vallfarten, which is closer to the conference.

Follow the signs with the conference logo to find your way to the registration place.

Welcome Reception at Sectra

The welcome reception (Wednesday, 18/10) is hosted by Sectra AB in Linköping. You can get there by taxi or by bus (line 202 towards Lambohov). By bus, you need to get out of the bus at Mjärdevi Center. Note that you should press "STOP" for the bus to stop! You could also ask the driver to notify you when the bus arrives at Mjärdevi Center. After you get down from the bus follow same direction as the bus. Sectra's building should be soon visible on the right.

Map with bus station Mjärdevi Center and Sectra

Sectra building and its main entrance

See also the directions on Sectra's web page.

Use of telephones

There are places to make phone calls all around the university campus. The closest one to the Conference room is located in E-building, ground floor. You can use the phone card (bought in magazine shops, etc.), or your credit card.

Useful links

Yellow pages: To search for a location in Linköping or in whole Sweden you can use Gula Sidorna, the Swedish Yellow Pages Service.

Public transport in Östergötland. Note that Linköping is in Östergötland.

Linköping universitet.