NordSec 2006

The 11th Nordic Workshop on Secure IT-systems
19-20 October 2006
Linköping, Sweden


List of accepted papers

Fast Solutions for AP-to-AP Handoffs
by  Wenhui Hu and Dan Forsberg

Efficient Three-Term Simultaneous Elliptic Scalar Multiplication with Applications
by  Billy Bob Brumley

The Chances of Successful Attack Against Continuous-time Mixes
by  Gergely Tóth and Zoltán Hornák

PayBAC: A Payment Based Access Control Mechanism
by  Bojan Pajkovski and Christian Damsgaard Jensen

Tuning an IDS -- Learning the User's Preferences
by  Magnus Almgren and Erland Jonsson

A Comparison Between the Silhouette Index and the Davies-Bouldin Index in Labelling IDS Clusters
by  Slobodan Petrovic

An intrusion detection centric taxonomy and survey of mechanisms for computer system logging
by  Ulf Larson and Erland Jonsson

Trusted Server Model for Privacy-Enhanced Location Based Services
by  Leonardo Martucci, Christer Andersson and Wim Schreurs

SBAC: "A Semantic-Based Access Control Model"
by  Sara Javanmardi, Morteza Amini and Rasool Jalili

Defending the Bank with a Static Analysis
by  Roberto Zunino

Real-time Risk Assessment with Network Sensors and Hidden Markov Models
by  André Årnes, Karin Sallhammar, Kjetil Haslum and Svein J. Knapskog

Extended Secure Memory for a Java Card in the context of the Java Card Grid project
by  Serge Chaumette, Achraf Karray and Damien Sauveron