Founded in 1991, OFFIS is a research and development institute and a centre of excellence for selected areas of information technology and its fields of application. Over 100 full-time scientists work in six R&D divisions each dedicated to a specific field of computer science. The main objective of the "Embedded Hardware-/Software-Systems" division is to develop concepts and tools improving the productivity in design of high-complexity SoC and embedded software. Using abstraction as the key concept to achieve this goal, we focus on high-level design flows based on SystemC. In particular we address two main challenges. One is the automatic and efficient transformation of abstract models into implementations in hardware and software. The other is the estimation and optimization of the energy consumption of embedded systems at system level. We believe that close collaboration with the industry is the key to make research concepts applicable in real-live design. This often leads to the development of new innovative design tools at the OFFIS website.

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