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The Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies Lab (UASTech Lab) was officially formed in January, 2004. The lab and its activities grew out of the WITAS UAV Project (1997-2005) funded by the Wallenberg Foundation. The UASTech Lab includes the core researchers and engineers from the project who successfully developed the existing RMAX helicopter hardware and software platforms for fully autonomous flight. This work spans both low autonomy functionalities (control) and high autonomy functionalities (artificial intelligence).

The UASTech Lab consists of a multi-disciplinary constellation of researchers with backgrounds in control theory, aeronautical engineering, signal processing, computer science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. We believe that this kind of diversification and broad set of competences within one group are pre-requisites for doing state-of-the-art research within the area of Intelligent UAS and support systems associated with their use.

The UASTech Lab has collaboration with Saab Aerosystems through the newly formed LinkLab, a center of excellence for future aviation systems.