Niklas Carlsson

Associate Professor (Swedish: Docent+universitetslektor)
Link÷ping University, Dept of Comp & Info Science (IDA)

Contact Info


My name is Niklas Carlsson; I am an Associate Professor (Swedish: docent and universitetslektor) in the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), at Linkoping University, Linkoping, Sweden. I am in the process of starting a new research group in computer networks and systems. My work is done in the Division for Database and Information Techniques (ADIT).

I received my M.Sc. degree in engineering physics from Umea University, Umea, Sweden, and my Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. My thesis work was done under the supervision of Derek Eager. I have also worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and as a Research Associate with Carey Williamson at the University of Calgary, Canada.

I hope that you will enjoy my homepage. It mainly consists of information about my life, my research, and other interests.

Employment History

  • Associate Professor (docent and universitetslektor), Linkoping University (March 2013 - present)
  • Assistant Professor (universitetslektor), Linkoping University (September 2010 - February 2013)
  • Research Associate, University of Calgary (July 2008 - August 2010)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan (Jan. 2007 - June 2008)

University Education

In 1999/2000 I came to University of Saskatchewan (U of S) as a part of an exchange program between U of S and Umeň University.

High School Education

  • Natural Science Program, ice hockey high school, June 1996
    Ístra gymnasiet , Umeň, Sweden
Throughout my life I have always lived within walking (or biking) distance from the school that I am attending. Both Mariehemsskolan (grade 1 through 6) and Brńntbergsskolan (grade 7 through 9) are located less than five minute walk away from my parents' house. Ístra gymnasieskolan (grade 10 through 12) and Umeň University require roughly a five minute bike ride.

Research Experience

Academic Research

  • Associate Professor, Linkoping University
    Department of Computer Science, (March 2013 - present)
  • Assistant Professor, Linkoping University
    Department of Computer Science, (September 2010 - February 2013)
  • Postdoctoral Research, University of Calgary
    Department of Computer Science, (July 2008 - August 2010)
  • Postdoctoral Research, University of Saskatchewan
    Department of Computer Science, (Jan. 2007 - June 2008)
  • Doctoral Research, University of Saskatchewan
    Department of Computer Science, (May. 2001 - Dec. 2006)

Industrial Research

  • Bofors Defence, Karlskoga/Saskatoon
    Interior and Exterior ballistics, Gun Design & Analysis, R&D, (Sept. 2000 - Mar. 2001)
  • Bofors Weapon Systems, Karlskoga
    Interior ballistics, Gun Design & Analysis, R&D, (June 2000 - Aug. 2000)
  • Bofors Weapon Systems, Karlskoga
    Exterior ballistics, Gun Design & Analysis, R&D, (June 1999 - Aug. 1999)
  • Saab Dynamics, J÷nk÷ping
    Development Department of Optronic Systems, R&D, (June 1998 - Aug. 1998)

The summers between 1998 and 2000 I have been working as a trainee/contract at two Swedish high technological companies, Saab Dynamics and Bofors Weapon Systems now (Bofors Defence). At these companies I have been able to test and apply my problem solving skills. While I was there I developed mathematical models, implemented them into computer software and tested those models. I have also worked as a consultant for Bofors Defence during 2000-2001.

Miscellaneous Jobs

To be added later ...


Outside research my main interests are sports and spending time with my dog Mikko. I have always played a lot of sports, especially ice hockey (went to ice hockey high school, where we had ice hockey in our schedule), floorball (innebandy) and football (soccer), but I have also been doing quite a bit of weight training, skiing, squash and other ball sports.

Some Sports Teams of Special Interest

Saskatchewan Roughriders, IF Bj÷rkloven, Umeň FC, Umeň IK,

When I was growing up I was extremely sports orientated. I was spending most of my time playing sports; mainly ice hockey. My favorite team is Bj÷rkloven, the team I played with throughout most of my youth. These days I primarily follow the NHL.

Interesting Sports Sites


Hockey Team(s) this Season

Between 2000/2001 and 2006/2007 I was a member of the Thoroughblades (a Campus Rec "franchise" that have survived many generations of hockey players ...). In our peak season 2003/2004 we were undefeated (in both regulation and overtime) throughout the entire season; but lost the Campus Rec A final on penalty shots. Our record that season ended up being 19-0-2-1. The last two seasons we redeemed ourselves by winning the A championship twice, see images of our championship teams: 05/06, 05/06, 06/07, 06/07.


PhD Comics,

Interesting articles

"The top ten similarities between playing hockey and building a better Internet" (by Martin Arlitt; collaborator and former teammate doi/CCR, extended)


BobbyLue, Mikko, Traningsvark,