Libraries tested for Soccer server version 9.xx:

Name Author(s) Web page Language(s)
RCCParserTom Howard
C++, Bison, Flex
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RCCParser (C++, Bison, Flex)

Author(s): Tom Howard (
Web page: Yes
Source page: Yes
Available versions: rccparser-1.2.4 (original copy), rccparser-1.2.4 (local copy)
Documentation available: Yes
Description: The RCCParser library is written in C++ and uses bison and flex to generate the parser and tokenizer, so it should be pretty fast. The data is parsed into a series of C++ objects, which can be used directly within a clients code or you can write conversion functions if you want to use it in your existing code. It is also a pure parser and neither the parser nor the classes use any global variable, so you should have no problem using it with threads.

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