Introduction to Sensor Networks


Sensor networks have become more and more popular as a solution to various large scale networked applications in very diverse areas.
This course is an introduction to the problematic of sensor networks. The course addresses issues such as deployment and localization,
routing protocols and operating systems for wireless sensor networks, design methodologies and security issues.
This course is organised, in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark, in the context of the ARTIST2 European Network of Excellence.


The course consists of two parts:


Selected research papers.

Wireless Sensor Networks
Feng Zhao and Leonidas Guibas
Elsevier - Morgan Kaufmann, 2004


Technical report and seminar presentation.
Groups of two/three students will select a topic for preparation of a report and seminar presentation.
Final grading will be based on the reports and presentations. All course participants are supposed to participate at all lectures and presentations.


4 points.


Prof. Jan Madsen, Technical University of Denmark
Ass. Prof. Srdjan Capkun, Technical University of Denmark


Petru Eles, tel 28 13 96, e-mail
Zebo Peng, tel 28 40 46, e-mail

Lecture Plan:

Report Presentations

Thursday, September 7, in room John von Neumann, 9:15 - 12 and 13:15 - 18: