Patrick Doherty

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Patrick Doherty is a Professor of Computer Science at the Department of   Computer and Information Sciences (IDA), Linkoping University, Sweden. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Linköping University with a major in Computer Science (C-Line, Fil Kand) in 1987. He received his Licentiate Degree from Linköping University in 1990 with the title "A Three-Valued Approach to Non-Monotonic Reasoning", and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Linköping University in 1991 with the title "NML3 - A Nonmonotonic Formalism with Explicit Defaults".

He heads the Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Computer Systems Division at IDA. He also serves as co-director of LinkLab, a research center for future aviation systems, which is a collaborative endeavor between Linköping University and Saab Aero Systems. He is an ECCAI fellow and currently an  ECCAI board member. He is co-editor in chief of the Artificial Intelligence Journal. He has previously served as president of SAIS, the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society.

His main areas of interest are   knowledge representation, automated planning, intelligent autonomous   systems and multi-agent systems. A major area of application is with   Unmanned Aircraft Systems. His research group has successfully designed and deployed many autonomous UAV systems in the past decade. His research group has also won several  international  competitions pertaining to micro-aerial vehicles and to automated  planning. He  has over one hundred and fifty refereed scientific publications in his areas of expertise and has given many keynote and invited talks at leading international conferences such as IJCAI, KR and ECAI. He is  also CEO of a new start-up company, UAS Technologies Sweden AB, which designs and markets Micro-Aerial Vehicles.

He is an American citizen.