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My Ph.D. thesis was in the area of programming environments. The thesis dealt with applying program flow analysis and program slicing techniques to automate the program debugging process for programs written in imperative languages.

In 1994 my research interest moved towards intelligent information systems, when I at the same time accepted to be director of the laboratory for Intelligent Information Systems. Generally, the area of intelligent information systems is concerned with proposing principles, methods and tools for defining and constructing advanced information management systems tailored to future information society.

The activities of security and networks group can be found here.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Shields project: SHIELDS is an FP7 project concerned with model-based detection and elimination of software vulnerabilities. Project manager.
  • Methods and Tools for Secure Software. The project is financed by VINNOVA.
  • A new project to begin in January 2009: Ett Öppet, decentraliserat och distribuerat spamskydd. To be financed by .SE.

Previous projects include:

  • onTrust: Integrated trust in middleware for peer-to-peer-based applications. (VINNOVA)
  • iTRUST, Center for Information Security
  • SwebButler: semantic Web butler for composition and organization of Web services. (VINNOVA)
  • Virtual companion for Later Life. (FAS)
  • Inter-vehicular communication for proactive traffic safety. (SSF)
  • NOE: REWERSE: Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics. (EC)
  • ESTIA-NET: a programme of the European Commission/ Directorate General for Education & Culture/ Higher Education: Socrates-Erasmus Thematic Networks. (EC)
Previous grants from EC (ShareIT! An EC on Content sharing in home-to-home networks), NUTEK (Security structures in connectivity-based systems for commercial services, IISMM: A model for integrated information security and information management), KK-stiftelsen (industrial graduate school), SSF (ECSEL graduate school, CUGS graduate school, Composite objects in dynamic information systems with an application in access control), TFR (TRIFU: The Right Information For yoU) and VINNOVA.

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