Jonas Kvarnström

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My main research interests are in automated planning and knowledge representation. I lead the Automated Planning and Diagnosis Group and I am involved in a number of different projects within AIICS, including the following:

  • Temporal Action Logics (TAL), where we develop a family of temporal logics for reasoning about action, change and processes. The project also includes the development of the VITAL research tool (Visualization and Implementation of Temporal Action Logics).

  • TALplanner, a forward-chaining planner based on the use of domain-dependent search control knowledge represented as logic formulas in TAL.

  • Execution Monitoring, where we focus on monitoring plan execution through progression of formulas in an expressive temporal logic. This involves extensions to TALplanner as well as the knowledge processing middleware framework DyKnow.

  • UAV Relays, where we focus on algorithms for positioning UAVs in relay chains or relay trees given specified quality criteria.