Autobiographic Information for Erik Sandewall

This is my "homepage" on the web. Welcome, visitor!

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Information på svenska
    which means, Information in Swedish.

Affiliation and Contact Information
    or, where I am located and how I can be reached.

Photo Gallery and Brief CV
    Here is text and pictures that you can use if you wish to make a presentation
    of me somewhere.

Current Major Research Activities
    My major research efforts at present concern a new textbook on Artificial Intelligence
    and the related work on the Leonardo software platform.

Other Current Research Activities
    Overview of things that I am doing at present, including a few things that I actually
    haven't completed and want to resume when time permits.

History of Research Activities
    Research groups and research projects that I have led, with an archive of publications.

Antecedentia and Extensive CV
    Things I have done in life so far, including activities outside of research.

Sandewall Family Website
     with links to information about other persons with the same family name.

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