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GridNestStep is a subproject of the GridModelica project located at PELAB, IDA, Linköpings universitet, Sweden.

GridModelica is funded (Nov. 2003 - Nov. 2006) by VINNOVA, and GridNestStep is a part of the project that contributes to the cofinancing of GridModelica.

Project goal

GridNestStep will develop a bulk-synchronous parallel (BSP) programming language for computational grids that supports a virtual shared memory with BSP-compliant memory consistency. In particular this involves also problems of partitioning, scheduling and load balancing of BSP superstep computations and communications on heterogeneous grid environments.
GridNestStep will provide a computational platform for multi-domain simulations on computational grids. These simulations will be specified by the also grid-based, distributed modeling language GridModelica, which in turn is based on the Modelica language for multi-domain modeling and simulation.

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