FDA153 (ht 2003)
Compiler Seminar: Programming language design and implementation (3p)

Recommended for
Graduate (ECSEL, CUGS, ...) students interested in the areas of compilers, computer architecture, parallel processing, or embedded systems.

Registration / List of participants (internal access only)

We read and discuss research papers from recent compiler conferences such as PLDI, POPL, CC, CGO, PACT, LCTES, ICS, ...
Student presentations with opposition and discussion. Written summaries. Written reviews of recent research papers.
The number of participants is limited to about 16.

The course was last given
This is a new course. It will from now on be given every year in September/October.

The course gives insights into currently hot topics in compiler construction. A secondary goal is to practise presentations, opposition, and writing reviews of scientific papers.

Advanced Compiler Construction (FDA001) or equivalent background knowledge.


Date Time Location Topic (with links to slides (PS/PDF) where available) Lecturer
5 Sep 2003 14-16 Knuth Introductory meeting; Aspects of reviewing C. Kessler
v37-v40 Reviewing phase (via e-mail)
27 oct 2003 10-11 Knuth All reviews done. Short meeting, ranking of papers
11 nov 2003 10-12, 14-16 Knuth Presentations, Wrap-up, Evaluation Students
All other meeting times will be fixed in the introductory meeting and announced on this page.

List of papers

Reviewing schema

Reviewing form

List of papers to be presented


Other literature to be announced. See also the literature list of Advanced Compiler Construction for background literature.

Christoph Kessler (course leader, examiner)

MOM1: presentation of a paper with written summary 1p
MOM2: opponering 0.5p
MOM3: written reviews of 4 5 papers (inl-uppgift) 1.5p

3 credits

Students who have not attended FDA001 please contact the course leader about the prerequisites.

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