Papers for presentation
Compiler Seminar: Programming language design and implementation

presentation session 17/11/2004, von Neumann, 09:15-12:00.

Session 1: Architecture modeling and run-time parallelization

ca. 09:15:
Presented by Håkan Mattsson: (opponent: M. Chalabine)
M. Vachharajani, N. Vachharajani, D. August:
The Liberty Structural Specification Language: A High-Level Modeling Language for Component Reuse.
PLDI 2004

ca. 09:55:
Presented by Mikhail Chalabine: (opponent: H. Mattsson)
M. Arenaz, J. Tourino, R. Doallo:
An Inspector-Executor Algorithm for Irregular Assignment Parallelization.

- break -

Session 2: Compiler support for speculation

ca. 10:45
Presented by Kaj Nyström: (opponent: A. Henriksson)
T. Johnson, R. Eigenmann, T. Vijaykumar:
Min-Cut Program Decomposition for Thread-Level Speculation.
PLDI 2004

Presentation cancelled ca. 11:25:
Presented by A. Henriksson: (opponent: K. Nyström)
Z. Du, C. Lim, X. Li, C. Yang, Q. Zhao, T. Ngai:
A Cost-Driven Compilation Framework for Speculative Parallelization of Sequential Programs.
PLDI 2004


PLDI 2004: Proc. 2004 ACM SIGPLAN Conf. on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI'04), June 2004, ACM Press.

ISPA'04: Second Int. Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications, Hong Kong, Dec. 2004.

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