Robustness in Speech Based Interfaces:

Sharing the Tricks of the Trade
A CHI 2002 Workshop

Sunday April 21

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Goals of the Workshop

This one-day workshop will focus on the kind of knowledge gained through the experience of developing robust and user-friendly speech-based interfaces, which rarely finds its way to journal and conference publications. We want the participants to bring to the table one or more of their "tricks of the trade" a technique that worked well in increasing the interactional robustness of their system.

What we hope will emerge from the workshop is not only a list of 'this works' and 'this doesn't work', but also qualifications of these statements with respect to different conditions.

Among the issues the workshop will take on are:

  • What are the techniques that can be used to increase robustness in speech-based interfaces? Do they apply if used in different domains and different user groups?
  • What are the dimensions for distinguishing between different classes of speech-based interface types and user situations, and how do these dimensions impact the techniques discussed?
Regarding the CHI 2002 theme of "Changing the World, Changing Ourselves," the development of truly intuitive natural language interfaces has the potential to fundamentally change the way we work. While it seems unlikely that this would lead to changing the world, it certainly would contribute to making computers more accessible by all through non-traditional computational means.