Role: Developer
The Developer is responsible for developing a part of the system, including designing it to fit into the architecture, possibly prototyping the user interface, and then implementing, unit-testing, and integrating the components that are part of the solution.
Role Sets: Basic Roles

The person in this role needs the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Enough expertise and experience to define and create technical solutions in the project's technology
  • Ability to understand and conform to the architecture
  • Ability to identify and build developer tests that cover required behavior of the technical components
  • Ability to communicate the design in a way that other team members understand

In addition, to create a visual model of the system, the person in this role needs the ability to render the design in the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Assignment Approaches

A person performing this role can have specialized skills in a particular technical area but should also have a broad understanding of all of the technologies involved to be able to work with other technical team members.

Even in the smallest team, multiple individuals should be working together to create the technical solution. In small, agile teams, this role is often shared among several team members who also perform other roles. 

See Guideline: Staffing a Project for more information about how several team members can fill this role.

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