pelib  2.0.0
pelib_argument_stream Struct Reference

#include <argument_parsing.hpp>

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Public Attributes

char * library
char ** argv
size_t argc
char * filename
char * name
enum stream stream

Detailed Description

Input or output argument model for pelib-convert

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Member Data Documentation

List of arguments to prived to the library to perform its work

Definition at line 31 of file argument_parsing.hpp.

Filename of the library that holds the code able to perform the input or output operation. If a path is not provided, checks in pelib-convert built-in search path (defined as the LD_RUN_PATH environmnet variable at the time pelib-convert was built) or LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, if defined (see document of ld for more information). If not a filename, look for the dynamic library "libpelib-" + library + ".so" in search path as described above

Definition at line 30 of file argument_parsing.hpp.

Number of arguments passed to the library

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Definition at line 29 of file argument_parsing.hpp.

Filename to read input from or write output to by the library

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If reading input, associates a custom name to the content parse, instead of the class name of the content parsed.

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