pelib  2.0.0
include/pelib/pelib_string.h File Reference
#include <pelib/structure.h>
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#define STRUCT_T   pelib_string
#define DONE_pelib_string


typedef char * pelib_string


size_t pelib_string_length (pelib_string str)

Define Documentation

Definition at line 31 of file pelib_string.h.

#define STRUCT_T   pelib_string

Definition at line 29 of file pelib_string.h.

Typedef Documentation

char * pelib_string

Returns a simple human-readable string representation of an instance of pelib object

Definition at line 27 of file pelib_string.h.

Function Documentation

Returns the number of characters contained in the string, exclusing null terminator character \0

Definition at line 64 of file pelib_string.c.