Seventh Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers 
Linköping, Sweden, June 29 - July 1 1998


The Seventh Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers will be held in Vadstena close to Linköping, Sweden during June 29 - July 1 1998.

This workshop is the seventh in a series of workshops on Compilers for Parallel Computers. Previous workshops were held in Oxford (1989), Paris (1990), Vienna (1992), Delft (1993), Malaga (1995), and Aachen (1996). The program will contain both standard presentations and in-depth reviews of recent research and developments in the field of compiling for parallel computers, including runtime environments for language support on parallel machines, and software engineering aspects of compilers. Relevant performance issues will also be covered. A major aim of the workshop is to give researchers in the field the opportunity to exchange new results and participate in informal discussions. In the past, this strategy has been very successful. Attendance at the workshop will be by invitation only.

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Local Sponsor is National Supercomputer Centre in Sweden.