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Control-Quality Driven Design of Embedded Control Systems with Stability Guarantees

Amir Aminifar
Petru Eles Author homepage
Zebo Peng Author homepage
Anton Cervin
Karl-Erik Årzén

IEEE Design & Test

Today, the majority of control applications in embedded systems, e.g., in the automotive domain, are implemented as software tasks on shared platforms. Ignoring implementation impacts during the design of embedded control systems results in complex timing behaviors that may lead to poor performance and, in the worst case, instability of control applications. This article presents a methodology for implementation-aware design of high-quality and stable embedded control systems on shared platforms with complex timing behaviors.

[AEPC17] Amir Aminifar, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Anton Cervin, Karl-Erik Årzén, "Control-Quality Driven Design of Embedded Control Systems with Stability Guarantees", IEEE Design & Test
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