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Subset: articles originating in CSELAB during 2001

The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known.
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Erik Hollnager.
Preface: From HMS to HCI - and back again.
In J. Noyes and M. Bransby (Eds.) People in control: Human factors in control room design. London, UK: IEE Press.

Y. Niwa, Erik Hollnagel.
Enhancing operator control by adaptive alarm presentation.
International Journal of Cognitive Ergonomics

Erik Hollnagel.
Cognition as control: A pragmatic approach to the modeling of joint Cognitive systems.

Erik Hollnagel.
Time and time again.
Theoretical issues in Ergonomics Science

Erik Hollnagel.
Axiomatic and pragmatic approaches to modelling of cognition.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, August 5-10, 2001, New Orleans, USA.

Y. Niwa, Erik Hollnagel.
Principles of performance monitoring in coupled human-machine systems.
Proceedings of 8th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Human-Machine Systems. 18-20 September 2001, Kassel, Germany.

Erik Hollnagel.
On the nature of risk and accidents.
Proceedings of OECD/NEA/CSNI International Workshop on "Building the new HRA: Errors of Commission - from research to application". Washington DC, May 7-9 2001.

Erik Hollnagel.
Human-oriented automation strategies.
Proceedings of World Congress on Safety of Modern Technical Systems, Kongresshalle Saabrücken, 12-14 September, 2001.

V. Gauthereau, Erik Hollnagel.
Operational readiness verification (ORV): A study of safety during outage and restart of nuclear power plants.
Proceedings of 8th Conference on Cognitive Science Approaches to Process Control. 24-26 September 2001, Munich, Germany.

Erik Hollnagel, J. Karlsson, T. Magnusson, U. Taube.
They drive at night - can visual enhancement systems keep the driver in control.
Proceedings of Driving Assessment 2001, Snowmass, CO., August 14-17, 2001.

Erik Hollnagel.
Automation from a joint systems perspective.
Proceedings of International Seminar on Human-centred Automation and Software Reliability of Man-machine Systems from a Cognitive Engineering Aspect. July 12-13, 2001, Shiran-Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan.

Erik Hollnagel.
Time and control in joint human-machine systems.
Proceedings of 2nd IEE People In Control Conference. 18-21 June, 2001, UMIST, Manchester, UK.

Erik Hollnagel.
Extended cognition: a new challenge for ergonomics?.
Proceedings of Annual Meeting Of The Italian Ergonomics Society: "Ergonomics In The Information/Knowledge Society", Firenze, Italy, September 26-28, 2001.

Erik Hollnagel.
Performance variability management.
Invited presentation at 4th Multidisciplinary Seminar on "Risk, errors and accidents, and their control", May 14-15, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Erik Hollnagel.
Failures in hospitals - human error or complex systems?.
Invited presentation at Evento Stryker, Istanbul, April 24-26, 2001.

Erik Hollnagel, R. Amalberti.
The Emperor's New Clothes, or whatever happened to "human error"?.
Invited keynote presentation at 4th International Workshop on Human Error, Safety and System Development. Linköping, June 11-12, 2001.

Erik Hollnagel.
Human factors of the decision making process.
EUROCOURSE, 2001: Probabilistic safety assessment and risk-informed decision making. 5-9 March, 2001, Garching, Germany.

Mattias Arvola.
Design for use quality in home informatics.
Accepted for presentation at Oikos2001: Methodological Issues in the Design of Household Technologies, held in Århus, Denmark, March 12 - 14, 2001.

Henrik Artman, Yvonne Waern, Björn Johansson.
Discourse about Technology and Use of Technology in Future Crisis Managment Systems.
Accepted for publication in the Journal of Pragmatics, Special Issue "Pragmatics in Crisis".

Erik Hollnagel.
When all things fail..
Published in Technology & Work, 2(4), 221-223.

P. Cacciabue, Y. Fujita, K. Furuta, Erik Hollnagel.
The rational choice of "error".
Published in Cognition, Technology & Work, 2(4), 179-181.

Y. Niwa, Erik Hollnagel.
The design of advanced generation of event-based emergency operating procedure.
Published in Journal of the Institute of Nuclear Safety System, 7, 271-283. (In Japanese.)

Jonas Lundberg.
On-line Newspapers and Genre Development on the World Wide Web.
Accepted for presentation at IRIS24, in Ulvik in Hardanger on August 11-14, 2001.

Aseel Ibrahim, Jenny Johansson, Jonas Lundberg.
Speech Enhanced Remote Control for Media Terminal.
Accepted to Eurospeech 2001 - Scandinavia.

Björn Johansson, H. Artman, Yvonne Waern.
Technology in Crisis Management Systems - ideas and effects.
To appear in the Journal Pragmatics special issue Pragmatics in Crisis

Björn Johansson, R. Granlund R.
Feedback in Shared Digital Maps. .
In (Ed.) Morten Lind Proceedings to EAM 2001, Copenhagen, 25-27 June, 2001.

M. Persson, Björn Johansson.
Creativity or Diversity in Command and Control. .
Published in (ed.) Smith M.J.

Yvonne Waern, Björn Johansson.
Understanding Communication in a Dynamic Situation - Argumentation in Situation assessment and planning.
Published in the Proceedings of COOP 2000, Sophia Antipolis, 23-26 May, 2000.

Björn Johansson, R. Granlund, Yvonne Waern.
The Communicative Aspects of Distributed Dynamic Decision Making in the ROLF-Environment.
In (ed.) Henrik Friman Proceedings to the 5th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, Tammsvik. 26-28 May, 2000.

Rita Kovordányi.
Sequencing of information versus interfacing between processing levels.
Published in Computational Intelligence.

Rita Kovordányi.
Factorial modeling: A method for enhancing the explanatory and predictive power of cognitive models..
In Altmann, E. M., Cleermans, A. Schunn, C. D. & Gray, W. D. (eds.): Proceedings of the 2001 Fourth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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