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Subset: articles originating in MDA during 2000

The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known.
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Toomas Timpka.
The patient and the primary care team: a small-scale critical theory.
Published in Journal Adv Nurs 2000.

S. Pilemalm, N. Hallberg, T. Timpka.
Organisational Policy and Shop-floor Requests in Design - Visualisation of the Argumentation behind an Information System for the Swedish Trade Union Movement.
Published in Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 2000;12.

K. Lindqvist, T. Timpka, L. Schelp.
Evaluation of an inter-organizational traffic injury prevention program in a WHO safe community.
Published in Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2001, 599-607.

T. Timpka.
Health and clinical mangement.
Published in 2000 Yearbook of the International Medical Informatics Association. Stuttgart: Schattauer, 2001;33:599-607.

N. Hallberg, S. Pilemalm, S. Jagare, M. Irestig, T. Timpka.
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) extended Future Workshop: An Approach for Effective and Enjoyable User Participation.
In the proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2000 (PDC). New York: ACM Press, 2000.

S. Pilemalm, N. Hallberg, T. Timpka.
From Utopia to DLK - Management of External Voices in Large Participatory Design Projects.
Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2000 (PDC). New York: ACM Press, 2000.

T. Timpka, K. Lindqvist.
Evidence-based prevention of acute injuries during physical exercise in a WHO Safe Community.
Published in Br J Sports Med. 2001;35:2020-7.

U. Glendor, D, Jonsson, A. Halling, K. Lindqvist.
Direct and indirect costs of dental trauma in Sweden - a 2-year prospective study of children and adolescents.
Published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 2001;29:150-60.

Kent Lindqvist, Toomas Timpka, Lothar Schelp, Mats ┼hlgren.
Evaluation of a home injury prevention program in a WHO Safe Community.
J Public Health 2002;in press

K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, Toomas Timpka.
Gender aspects of work-related injuries in a Swedish municipality.
Published in Safety Science

K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, Toomas Timpka.
Home injuries in a Swedish municipality-consequences and costs.
Published in Safety Science

Toomas Timpka, K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, M. ┼hlgren.
Community-based injury prevention: effects on health care utilization.
Published in Safety Science

Shamsul Chowdhury, Kent Lindqvist, Toomas Timpka.
Data Mining and CBR: Complimentary methodologies for building information enhanced decision support system.
Published in Safety Science

Vivian Vimarlund, Toomas Timpka: .
To Choose to be Poor today but have good future prospects. Consumer Participation in the development of information systems in healthcare.organizations.
In Proceedings of AMIA 2000 ( American medical information association) symphosium, LA., USA, 2000.

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