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Subset: articles originating in MDA during 1999

The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known.
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Vivian Vimarlund, Toomas Timpka, Niklas Hallberg.
The economic willingness to increase knowledge capital in medical informatics.
Int J Med Inform 1999;1:in press.

Toomas Timpka, K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, M. Ahlgren.
Community-based injury prevention: effects on health care utilization.
Int J Epidemiol 1999;28:502-8.

K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, Toomas Timpka.
Home injuries in a Swedish municipality -- consequences and costs.
Safety Science 1999;31:19-29.

Toomas Timpka.
Professional Ethics for System Developers in Health Care .
Meth Inf Med 1999;38:144-7.

P. Bendtsen, Toomas Timpka.
Acceptability of computerized life-style questionnaires - a patient perspective.
Alcohol Alcohol 1999;34:575-80.

Toomas Timpka.
The patient and the primary care team: a small-scale critical theory.
J Adv Nurs 2000;in press.

T. Reigo, Toomas Timpka, H. Tropp H.
The epidemiology of back pain in vocational age groups.
Scand J Prim Health Care 1999;17:17-21.

K. Lindqvist, L. Schelp, Toomas Timpka.
Gender aspects of work-related injuries in a Swedish municipality.
Safety Science 1999;31:183-96.

Niklas Hallberg, Toomas Timpka, H. Eriksson.
The medical software quality deployment method.
Meth Inf Med 1999;38:66-73.

Niklas Hallberg, M. Johansson, Toomas Timpka.
A prototype computer network for occupational therapists.
Comp Meth Prog Biomed 1999;59:45-54.

K. Lindqvist, Toomas Timpka, L. Schelp, M. Ahlgren.
Evaluation of an inter-organizational program for prevention of work-related injuries in a WHO Safe Community.
Work 1999;12:15-22.

MM. Morch, Toomas Timpka, AK. Graneus.
Thirty years experience with cancer and non-cancer patient in palliative home care.
J Pall Care 1999;15:43-8.

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