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Subset: articles originating in ASELAB during 1999

The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known.
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Kristian Sandahl: J. Karlsson, C. Krysander, Mikael Lindvall, Niclas Ohlsson.
A Cross-cultural Replication of an Experiment for Assessing Methods for Software Requirements Inspections.
To appear in Empirical Software Engineering.

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl.
How well do Experienced Software Developers Predict Software Change?.
Published in Journal of Systems and Software, Vol 43, No 1, pp 19-27, 1998.

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl.
Traceability Aspects of Impact Analysis in Object-Oriented Systems.
Published in Journal of Software Maintenance, No 10, pp 37-57, 1998.

T. Ericsson, Anders Subotic, S. Ursing.
TIM - A Test Improvement Model.
Published in Software Testing Verification & Reliabity, No 7, Vol 4, pp 229-246, 1997.

J. Karlsson.
Managing Software Requirements Using Quality Function Deployment.
Published in Software Quality Journal, No 6, Vol 4, pp 311-325, 1997.

J. Karlsson, S. Ohlsson, K. Ryan.
Improved Practical Support for Large-scale Requirements Rioritizing.
Published in Requirements Engineering Journal, No 2, Vol 1, pp 51-60, 1997.

J. Karlsson, K. Ryan.
A Cost-Value Approach for Prioritizing Requirements.
Published in IEEE Software, No 14, Vol 5, pp 67-74, 1997.

Niclas Ohlsson, A-C Eriksson, Mary Helander.
Early Risk-Management by Identification of Fault-prone Modules.
Published in Empirical Software Engineering, No 2, Vol 2, pp 166-173, 1997.

Niclas Ohlsson, H. Alberg.
Predicting Fault-Prone Software Modules in Telephone Switches.
Published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, No 22, Vol 22, pp 886-894, 1996.

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl.
Practical implecations of traceability.
Published in Software-Practice & Experience, No 26, Vol 10, pp 1161-1180, 1996.

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