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Subset: articles originating in LIBLAB during 1996

The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known. The links marked "[ALP]" and "[ECP]" are explained at the end of the present page.
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Lisbeth Björklund, Andreas Björklind, Roland Hjerppe.
Highways and Backroads of Internet: Strategies and Tactics. .
In: Information Superhighway: The Role of Librarians, Information Scientists and Intermediaries. Proc. of the 17th Int. Essen Symposium, 24 Oct-27 Oct. 1994. Helal, Ahmed H. & Weiss, Joachim W. Eds., Publications of Essen University Library: 18, Essen, 1995, pp.164-178.

Roland Hjerppe.
Muddling through Flux, Challenges of Change for Libraries and Archives. .
NORDINFO Nytt. no.4 1995

Roland Hjerppe.
Go with the flow, or abide by the side, or watch the waves? Challenges of Change for Knowledge Organization. .
(Keynote Address) In "Knowledge Organization and Change" Proc. Fourth International ISKO Conf., Washington, DC, USA July 15-18 1996. Green, Rebecca Ed. INDEKS Verlag, Frankfurt/Main, 1996.

Roland Hjerppe.
Access to ...tainment: Issues and Approaches. .
Presented at Research Seminar: Fiction - OPACS - Networks. Copenhagen Nov. 11-13, 1996. (To be published)

Roland Hjerppe.
Keynote Address for: Hypostatizing Data Collections, Especially Bibliographic: Abstractions, Representations, Sensualizations, Adaptations/personalizations, ... Visualizing Subject Access for 21st Century Information Resources. .
34th Annual Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing. March 2-4, 1997, at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

Roland Hjerppe.
The Upper CYC Ontology and Universal Classifications: similarities, differences, consequences. .
Accepted for presentation at: KNOWLEDGE ORGANIZATION FOR INFORMATION RETRIEVAL, 6th International Study Conference on Classification Research, 6 -19 June 1997, organized by FID/CR and University College London, in association with ASLIB, Classification Research Group and the International Society for Knowledge Organization, will be held in University College London, 16-19 June, 1997

Article Locator Pages

In some cases, the database maintains relatively extensive information about an article: links to the journal, conference, or publisher where the article was published, links to several generations of the article, etc. Fort this reason, the publication register constructs Article Locator Pages (ALP), that is, HTML pages containing up-to-date information about the publication status of the article in question and, as often as possible, links to the full text of that article.

It is intended that the ALP shall be permanently usable as a key to the full article and to current information about it. ALP:s have a systematic naming; an ALP noted below as number 002 under the headling 1997 is represented at the URL

E-Press Cover Pages

For those articles published by the Linköping University Electronic Press, the table above also indicates the E-Press cover page, using the ECP. The ECP is used by the E-Press to characterize the instance of an article as published by them. It contains links to various versions or aspects of the article: abstract, postscript, PDF version, etc.


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