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The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known. The links marked "[ALP]" and "[ECP]" are explained at the end of the present page.
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P Carlshamre, Joachim Karlsson.
A Usability-Oriented Approach to Requirements Engineering. .
In 2nd IEEE International Conference On Requirements Engineering, pp. 145-152.

P Ehn, Jonas Löwgren.
The Qualitheque: Systems at an exhibition. interactions 3(3):53-55. .

P Ehn, Jonas Löwgren.
Design for quality-in-use: Human-computer interaction meets information systems development. .
To appear in Helander M, et al (eds) Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd ed. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Henrik Eriksson.
Expert systems as knowledge servers. .
IEEE Expert, 11(3):14-19.

Henrik Eriksson, N Frost.
Design critiquing for a knowledge-engineering development environment. .
In Proceedings of the Tenth Banff Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop, Banff, Canada.

Henrik Eriksson, Y Shahar, S.W Tu, A. R Puerta, M. A Musen.
Task modeling with reusable problem-solving methods. .
Artificial Intelligence 79(2):293-326.

Mikael Ericsson, M Bauren, Jonas Löwgren, Y Waern.
Strategies for knowledge-based support in graphical user-interface design: A Wizard-of-Oz study. .
In Proc. 8th European Conf. on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 8), p. 1-4. Le Chesnay Cedex: EA CE.

T Ericsson, A Subotic, S Ursing.
Towards a Test Improvement Model. .
In proc. of 4th European Conf on Software Testing Analysis and Review.

Göran Forslund.
Towards cooperative advice-giving systems: A case study in knowledge-based decision support. .
IEEE Expert. Special issue on Cooperative Systems for Workgroups.

Rego Granlund.
C3fire - A Microworld for Emergency Managment Training. .
In Woolf, B. P., editor, Proceedings of the Simulation-Based Learning Technology Workshop at ITS'96, pages 18-22, Montreal, Canada.

Stefan Holmlid.
Learning for usability: An explorative study of qualities in use. .
To appear in Proceedings of CHI '97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Sture Hägglund.
Knowledge Management for Collective Learning and Organisational Memory. .
Position paper for the ECSCW'95 Workshop on coping with dynamic complexity. Revised version to appear in Waern (ed.) Cooperation in process management - Cognition and Information Technology, Taylor and Francis, London.

M Höst, Claes Wohlin.
A Subjective Effort Estimation Experiment. .
Accepted for publication at EASE: Empirical Assessment & Evaluation in Software Engineering, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, March 1997.

Joachim Karlsson.
Software Requirements Prioritizing. .
In 2nd IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering, pp. 100-116.

Joachim Karlsson, Kevin Ryan.
Supporting the Selection of Software Requirements. .
In 8th International Workshop on Software Specification and Design, pp. 146-149.

Mikael Lindvall, Kristian Sandahl.
Practical Implications of Traceability. .
Journal of Software Practice and Experience 26:10, pp1161-1180.

M.A Musen, J.H Gennari, Henrik Eriksson, S.W Tu, A.R Puerta.
PROT'EG'E-II: Computer support for development of intelligent systems from libraries of components. .
In Proceedings of the Eighth World Congres on Medical Informatics, Medinfo'95, pages 766-770, Vancuver, BC, Canada.

Torbjörn 2 Näslund.
Computers in context - but in which context? .
In Proceedings of the 3rd decennial conference Computers in Context : Joining Forces in Design, pages 73-82, Århus, Denmark. Republished in Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, vol 8, no 1.

Niclas Ohlsson, Mary Helander, Claes Wohlin.
Quality Improvement by Identification of Fault-Prone Modules using Software Design Metrics, .
Proceedings Sixth International Conference on Software Quality, pp. 1-13, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1996.

Niclas Ohlsson, Claes Wohlin.
Identification of Failure-Prone Modules in Two Software System Releases, .
Proceedings Twenty-First Annual Software Engineering Workshop, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, 1996.

Eva L. Ragnemalm.
Collaborative dialogue with a learning companion as a source of information on student reasoning. .
In Frasson, C., Gauthier, G., and Lesgold, A., editors, Proceedings of ITS'96, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 650-658, Montréal, Canada.

Eva L. Ragnemalm.
Student diagnosis in practice; Bridging a gap. .
User Modelling and User Adapted Interaction, 5(2):93-116.

T.E Rothenfluh, J.H Gennari, Henrik Eriksson, A.R Puerta, S.W Tu, M.A Musen.
Reusable ontologies, knowledge-acquisition tools, and performance systems: PROT'EG'E-II solutions to Sisyphus-2. .
Int. J. of Human-Computer Studies 44(3/4):303-332.

Toomas Timpka, C Sjöberg, Niklas Hallberg, Henrik Eriksson, P Lindblom, B Svensson, H Marmolin.
Participatory Design of Computer-Supported Organizational Learning in health care: methods and experiences. .
J Am Med Inform Assoc 1995;(symposium suppl):800-4.

Y Wærn, Sture Hägglund.
User Aspects of Knowledge-Based Systems. .
To appear in Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction, North Holland.

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