May, 1998

Individual Newsletter issues during this month

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3.5.1998 98041 98041 98041 Thielscher article accepted with comments by referees; Miller and Kakas answer to referees; Sandewall on electronic writing styles; Brandano, Hayes, and Ma on ontologies of time
4.5.1998 98042 98042 98042 Miller and Morgenstern on ETAI publication styles; Brandano on ontologies of time
7.5.1998 98043 98043 98043 Thielscher answer to referees and comments about ETAI publication style; Ma answer to Brandano on ontologies of time
8.5.1998 98044 98044 98044 Cervesato, Franceschet, Montanari submit article to the ETAI; Brandano answers to Ma on ontologies of time
12.5.1998 98045 98045 98045 Newsletters and News Journals now in postscript; Ma on ontologies of time
17.5.1998 98046 98046 98046 Summary of article by Cervesato, Franceschet, and Montanari; Comments on this article by Liberatore; Hayes on ontology of time
24.5.1998 98047 98047 98047 Answer by Monatnari to questions from Liberatore; Brandoni on ontologies of time
27.5.1998 98048 98048 98048 Peter Jonsson (invited) comments to paper by Cervesato et al

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The ENRAC News Journal for the current month contains the contents of these Newsletters but organized by topic rather than chronologically.