Contents of the EMTEK/CASL line

Th line listed as EMTEK/CASL in the overview of the publication register basically contains the publications of Erik Sandewall who recently started the CASL research group. (The line also contains one contribution by a guest researcher - Dr. Thierry Vidal). CASL stands for Cognitive Autonomous Systems.

Background: RKLLAB - EMTEK - CASL

To explain, the following is what has happened in terms of organization.

The Laboratory for Representation of Knowledge in Logic (RKLLAB) was headed by Professor Erik Sandewall, and existed until the end of 1995. Its old webpage is still being preserved.

On 1996-01-01 RKLLAB was divided into three new research groups as follows:

The TOSCA group merged into the Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science (TCSLAB) on 1999-07-01. All of these groups are represented separately in the publications register.

When RKLLAB split, Erik Sandewall had responsibilities as prorector of our university (1995-2001) and as principal investigator of the WITAS project. He therefore did not set up a new research group of his own, but organized the EMTEK group (the Entity for Methodology and Technology of Knowledge Management) for some more practical purposes. EMTEK was not a research group; it was primarily concerned with tools for, and operations of Linköping University Electronic Press and a few other, practical activities including the present publications register.

With the conclusion of the prorector assignment and the WITAS project being in its last quarter, Erik Sandewall set up the new group in November, 2001, called the group for Cognitive Autonomous Systems in Linköping (CASL).

For these reasons, the publication register lists EMTEK for years 1995-2000 and CASL for year 2001 and onwards on one and the same line. The listings for EMTEK during the past years contain Sandewall's own publications during that period.

Publications in RKLLAB that were reported for the second half of 1995, and which therefore went into the register period for 1995-07-01--1996-12-31, have been assigned to the RKLLAB descendant lab where the authors went.

Publications before 1996 can often (but not always) be found among IDA technical reports. Those lists are organized by year but not according to originating research laboratory or group.