The Wallenberg laboratory for research on
Information Technology and Autonomous Systems

WITAS, the Wallenberg Laboratory for Information Technology and Autonomous Systems, was a research project during years 1997-2005. It was engaged in goal-directed basic research in the area of intelligent autonomous vehicles and other autonomous systems. focussing on the development of an airborne computer system that is able to make rational decisions about the continued operation of the aircraft, based on various sources of knowledge including pre-stored geographical knowledge, knowledge obtained from vision sensors, and knowledge communicated to it by data link.

There were two main goals or 'deliverables' for the project:

  • to demonstrate, before the end of the year 2003, an autonomous aerial vehicles with the kind of high-level autonomy just described
  • basic research in areas that are relevant for the design, development, and use of such systems.
The demonstration was held successfully in October, 2003, and the goal achievement of the project was evaluated by an international evaluation group that delivered its report in February, 2004.

Phase I of WITAS, 1997-1999

Phase I of the project occurred during 1997-1999. The WITAS Phase I webpage is still available although of course some of the information in it, such as the personnel list, is now obsolete.

Phase II of WITAS, 2000-2003

Phase II of the project, 2000-2003, consisted of the following parts which are described by separate webpages.

WITAS during 2004-2005

The project had an extension into the years 2004 and 2005 during which time there were transitions to other projects in the same or related research areas, and the work was organized organized as two distinct, cooperating projects: The links provided here can also lead to continuation projects. Please refer as well to the information about the project in general: donation, board, goals, etc.