how to get to linköping university
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The location of SSOMC will be room "Planck" in Fysikhuset at Linköping University. This map shows the location of Fysikhuset.

by bus

Going by bus to the university is easy in Linköping. The bus number is 202 and is leavning from the center of Linköping and the railway station every 10-15 minutes. Take the bus heading for the university and Lambohov, and go off at the bus stop "Universitetet".

by car

If you drive on the E4 from the south of Sweden, take the first exit to Linköping, and coming from the north of Sweden it is the third exit. Head for Linköping, and keep to that route until you come to a large roundabout with six exits (Valla rondellen), take the first exit to the right. You are now on "Universitetsvägen", and can follow the map.

Your hotel is probably in the center of Linköping. If you are coming from the south of Sweden, instead of turning right in the roundabout, go straight ahead, passing old Linköping. Keep this route, and you will end up at "Storgatan", B1 in the map.

If you are coming from the norht of Sweden, and want to go to your hotel first, take the first exit from E4 and go straight ahead. You will end up on "Tullbron", A2 in the map.

Symposium on Multimodal

Natural Language Processing Laboratory
Department of Computerand Information Science
Linköping University
Organizing committee:
Arne Jönsson
Nils Dahlbäck
Annika Flycht-Eriksson
Pernilla Qvarfordt