P2P2004 List of accepted posters

19: Distributed Search in P2P Networks through Secure-Authenticated Content Management Systems (CMSs)
by Dimitrios Tsesmetzis, Manolis Solidakis, Vassilios Stathopoulos, Nikolaos Mitrou
29: A Framework for Testing Distributed Systems
by Daniel Hughes, Phil Greenwood, Geoff Coulson
30: P2P-4-DL: Digital Library over Peer-to-Peer
by James Walkerdine, Paul Rayson
46: Highways: Proximity Clustering for Massively Scaleable Peer-to-Peer Network Routing
by Eng-Keong Lua, Jon Crowcroft, Marcelo Pias
60: Building Adaptive Peer-To-Peer Systems
by Evangelia Kalyvianaki, Ian Pratt
61: Latency Model of DHT with Big Routing Table
by Daishi Kato
97: A distributed and measurement-based framework against free riding in peer-to-peer networks
by Murat Karakaya, Ibrahim Korpeoglu, Ozgur Ulusoy
98: Performance of Pastry in a Heterogeneous System
by Fredrik Bjurefors, Richard Gold, Lars-Åke Larzon
119: PROST: A Programmable Structured Peer-to-peer Overlay Network
by Marius Portmann, Sebastien Ardon, Patrick Senac, Aruna Seneviratne
123: A Framework for Developing Reflective and Dynamic P2P Networks (RaDP2P)
by Daniel Hughes, Geoff Coulson, Ian Warren
126: Semantic Driven Hashing (SDH): An Ontology-based Search Scheme for the Semantic Aware Network (SA Net)
by Chatree Sangpachatanaruk
130: P2P Applications Using the Semantic Information Oriented Network
by Hiroshi SUNAGA, Kiyoshi UEDA, Michiharu TAKEMOTO, Shoji KIMURA