P2P2003 List of accepted regular papers

Dynamic Networking Refinement in Distributed Systems
by Seyed Roosta
Scalable and Continuous Media Streaming on Peer-to-Peer Networks
by Masahiro Sasabe, Naoki Wakamiya, Masayuki Murata, Hideo Miyahara
The Costs of Using JXTA
by Emir Halepovic, Ralph Deters
A Transpositional Redundant Data Update Algorithm for Growing Server-less Video Streaming Systems
by Tsz Kin Ho, Jack Y. B. Lee
Analysis on Greedy Search based Service Location in P2P Service Grid
by cheng zhu, zhong liu, weiming zhang, weidong xiao, dongsheng yang
A Distributed Rendering Environment for Massive Data on Computational Grids
by zhu huabing , Lizhe Wang , Wentong Cai, Chan Kai Yun
Semantics-Based Access in Peer-to-Peer File Systems
by Yingwu Zhu, Honghao Wang, Yiming Hu
The Effectiveness of Realistic Replication Strategies on Quality of Availability for Peer-to-Peer Systems
by Giwon On, Jens Schmitt, Ralf Steinmetz
Secure and Resilient Peer-to-Peer E-Mail: Design and Implementation
by Jussi Kangasharju, Keith W. Ross, David A. Turner
The Deployment of Cache Servers in P2P Networks for Improved Performance in Content-Delivery
by Tetsuya Oh-ishi, Koji Sakai, Tetsuya Iwata, Akira Kurokawa
Range Addresable Network: A P2P Cache Architecture for Data Ranges
by Anshul Kothari, Divyakant Agrawal, Abhishek Gupta, Subhash Suri
Identity Crisis: Anonymity vs. Accountability in P2P Systems
by Sergio Marti, Hector Garcia-Molina
NanoPeer Networks and P2P Worlds
by P. Triantafillou, N. Ntarmos, S. Nikoletseas, P. Spirakis
Adaptive Probabilistic Search for Peer-to-Peer Networks
by Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Nick Roussopoulos
A Game Theoretic Framework for Incentives in P2P Systems
by Chiranjeeb Buragohain, Divyakant Agrawal, Subhash Suri
TrustMe: Anonymous Management of Trust Relationships in Decentralized P2P Systems
by Aameek Singh, Ling Liu
Connectivity Based Node Clustering in Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Networks
by Lakshmish Ramaswamy, Bugra Gedik, Ling Liu
Trust and Reputation Model in Peer-to-Peer Networks
by Yao Wang, Julita Vassileva
Establishing Trust in Distributed Storage Providers
by Germano Caronni, Marcel Waldvogel
Peer-to-Peer Spatial Queries in Sensor Networks
by Murat Demirbas, Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu
A Lightweight Personal Grid using Super-Node Network
by Jaesun Han, Daeyeon Park