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HESSD workshops bring together academia and industry, including system operators, designers, trainers and maintainers, in a format that has always fostered highly fruitful exchanges for practical and scientific progress.
4th international workshop on
Human Error, safety and Systems Development, 11-12 June, 2001 

Café Magnifiket

Drottninggatan 22
Linköping, Sweden

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"Diagnosis versus Change"

The theme of HESSD-01 is "Diagnosis versus Change"-blending human error, safety and their relation to system- and organization development. The focus of many efforts to understand human error is on diagnosis- what can go wrong; what went wrong; and why? A great challenge, however, lies in change- implementing lessons about failure in design and organizational practice.

Call for papers

Papers that can make useful contributions to the workshop are invited from all corners of science and industry. 1-2 pages abstract should be submitted to Sidney Dekker, either by e-mail or regular. (links above). Abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee.

Deadline for abstracts (1-2 pages)          15 February 2001 

Notification of acceptance                      1 April 2001

Full papers due                                       1 May 2001 

Workshop registration deadline                1 June 2001

Program committee (So far)

                     Kjell Ohlsson;              Linköping, Univ. Sweden 

                      Guy Boy;                     Eurisco, France 

                      Kevin Corker;             NASA, USA 

                      Chris Johnson;            Univ. Glasgow, UK

                      Capt. Neil Johnston;   Univ. Dublin, Ireland

                      John Hansman;            MIT, USA

                      Nancy Leveson;           MIT, USA 


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