22st European Annual Conference on

Human Decision Making and Control

2 to 4 June, 2003 Linköping University.

Important Information
All participants should register on May 23, latest.

Important Information
All authors will be notified of acceptance review on the 23/4, latest. New date for revised paper submission, 14th of May.

Important Information
Extended deadline! We now accept submissions received as late as 15/3.
Please see "Call for papers".


Human operators continue to play a critical role in protecting the safety in many different domains. In spite of recent advances in automated control and in process integration, human decision making must still be explicitly considered within the safety-cases that support many complex production processes. In areas such as medicine, the introduction of computer-based diagnostic aids has simply refocussed attention on the errors that can arise in interpreting the results provided by these systems. In aviation, the introduction of glass cockpits has provoked new forms of error that were not common in previous generations of aircraft. These observations explain why the central topics of EAM2003 continue to be as relevant today as they were when the series was started in 1981. Papers are encouraged on, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • detection, mitigation, prevention of human error;
  • error recovery strategies;
  • human error and wider forms of risk analysis;
  • the human component in system dependability;
  • managerial influences on human performance;
  • human behavior modeling and user models;
  • learning processes;
  • team work and work organization;
  • crew resource management;
  • situation awareness;
  • cooperative systems and CSCW;
  • human-machine interaction.

EAM2003 will bring together young and more established researchers from different disciplines of the human-machine system field. The intention is to provide a relatively informal forum that will encourage the exchange of ideas both about established and on-going research.