Niklas Carlsson

Associate Professor (Swedish: Docent+universitetslektor)
Linköping University, Dept of Comp & Info Science (IDA)

Contact Info

Research Interest

My general research interests are design, modeling, and performance evaluation of distributed systems and networks. Current research encompasses content and information delivery systems, popularity dynamics, sustainable ICT, network security, and workload characterization of systems and networks.

To better understand existing technologies and develop and evaluate new better technologies, my research includes a combination of analytic modeling, simulations, measurement-based characterization, system implementation, as well as real-world experiments. I have a particular interest in trying to obtain solid fundamental/general insights towards the best possible performance, scalability, efficiency, and/or quality of service. When possible, analytic lower bounds are developed for the purpose of rigorous protocol and system evaluation.

Ongoing Projects

My current research interests are fairly broad (as exemplified above) and I am working on a number of projects with researchers around the world. At Linkoping I am project leader of a recently granted CENIIT project.

If you are interested in working on this project (or any other related project), we are looking for hardworking and ambitious people that are interested in doing high-quality research. If you fit this description, please send me an email. There are opportunities for both new PhD positions (doktorand in Swedish) and masters projects (exjobb in Swedish). More information about the research and positions can be found here.

Please see publication list for sample works.