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Just a picture of me and my children...My daughter, Hillevi, me, my son Magnus and my son Teodor at christmas 2008. My husband Ingemar was behind the camera and was not captured at this time.
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Who am I? Me!

I was born in 1963 in Uppsala, Sweden, moved to Umeå in 1972 but consider myself a denizen of the north of Sweden since I spent all my summers at my grandparent's summer house in the Piteå archipelago (in the north of Sweden). In 1983 I moved to Linköping to work for a big computer company. I stayed for 2 years. When I realised that the newly hired guy I was training was getting paid more than me just because he had a Masters degree I decided to get one myself. In 1990 I received my Master of Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University, and was offered exactly the same job I'd held before. I opted for PhD studies instead. During my studies I met Ingemar Ragnemalm, and in 1991 we got married. On the 15th of July 1997,  our son Teodor was born, and since then life has been quite busy, but also quite wonderful.  After I defended my PhD in 1999 I decided to work parttime since I felt I wanted to spend more time with my son after the intensive work period of writing up my dissertation. In march 2000 our second son, Magnus, was born, and in november 2003 our third child turned out to be a girl, whom we named Hillevi (meaning shield maiden in the northern mythology).

You might ask "How come you got inte computer science in the first place?" Well, I'm not like those enginnering women you hear about who were picking apart alarmclocks at the age of three (often complete with the anecdote about pieces left over). I was a perfectly ordinary girl child, played with Barbie dolls, played house etc. So when did I go "wrong"? Maybe when I started reading Fantasy and Science Fiction, scouring the local library for everything even remotely out-of-this-world. Those book fired my imagination. When I was 14 I wanted to be a new Einstein and make revolutionary discoveries. At 15 I wanted to be an astronaut and go "where no man has gone before". Then I heard about this new science education that had a computer science track. Computers were the future, computers were important, computers were the challenge. I wanted in on that! And here I am.

What do I like to do in my spare time (when I get any)?

How to contact me

Email: evalu@ida.liu.se
Mail: Eva L. Ragnemalm,
Plöjaregatan 73, S-583 33 LINKÖPING, SWEDEN

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