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Eles, P., Peng, Z., Kuchcinski, K., and Doboli, A. (1995). Performance Guided System Level Hardware/Software Partitioning with Iterative Improvement Heuristics. Technical Report LiTH-IDA-R-95-26, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. (bibtex),

Abstract: This paper presents two heuristics for automatic hardware/software partitioning of system level specifications. Partitioning is performed at the granularity of loops, subprograms, and processes with the objective of performance optimization with a limited hardware and software cost. We define the metric values for partitioning and develop a cost function that guides partitioning towards the desired objective. We consider minimization of communication cost and improvement of the overall parallelism as essential criteria during partitioning. The two heuristics for hardware/software partitioning, formulated as a graph partitioning problem, are presented: one based on simulated annealing and the other on tabu search. Results of extensive experiments, including real life examples, show the clear superiority of the tabu search based algorithm.

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