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Orsborn, K. (1994). Applying Next Generation Object-Oriented DBMS to Finite Element Analysis. Technical Report LiTH-IDA-R-94-16, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. Accepted to The 1st International Conference on Applications of Databases (ADB-94), Vadstena, Sweden, June 21-23, 1994. (bibtex),

Abstract: Scientific and engineering database applications put new requirements on database management systems that is usually not associated with traditional administrative database applications. These new database applications include fi nite element analysis (FEA) for computational mechanics and usually have a high level of complexity of both data and algorithms, as well as high volume of data and high requirements on execution efficiency. This paper shows how next gen eration object-oriented database technology that includes a relationally complete and extensible object-oriented query language can be used to model and manage FEA. The technology allows the design of domain models that represent applica tion-oriented conceptual models of data and operators. An initial integration of a main-memory object-relational database management system with a state-of-the- art FEA program is presented. The FEA program integrates the complete FEA process and is controlled completely through a graphical user interface. Examples are included of the conceptual model and its manipulation along with some initial performance measures. It is shown that the integrated system provides competi tive performance and is a promising alternative for design and implementation of future FEA software.

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