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Lambrix, P. and Rönnquist, R. (1993). Terminological Logic Involving Time and Evolution: A Preliminary Report. Technical Report LiTH-IDA-R-93-10, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. Accepted to International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, Trondheim, Norway, June 15-18, 1993. (bibtex),

Abstract: Although terminological logics as well as temporal reasoning has received considerable attention in the knowledge representation community in the last years, few attempts have been made to integrate those fields. We study the combination of the temporal logic LITE and a terminological logic to obtain a temporal terminological logic. We emphasize defining a terminological logic (T-LITE) where the extensions of concepts are time-dependent in the following sense : first, the individuals belonging to a concept are appearances of objects in a temporal context; secondly, we allow concepts to be defined in terms of developments of objects. Formal semantics for T-LITE are provided.

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