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Strömfors, O. (1986). Editing Large Programs Using a Structure-Oriented Text Editor. Technical Report LiTH-IDA-R-86-43, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. Also presented at the International Workshop on Advanced Programming Environments, Trondheim, Norway, June 16-18, 1986. (bibtex),

Abstract: This paper will describe how a structure-oriented text editor, named ED3, is used as a practical and efficient tool for program development and maintenance. Unlike syntax-directed editors this editor does not use its tree structure to represent the parse tree of the program. Instead the user is free to build any tree structure of text nodes he wants. For a block structured language the tree can be built the same way procedures are defined inside procedures.The tree structure helps the programmer handle big programs. Browsing is supported by menus automatically created from the first line of each node. To enter or modify a text node, a screen-oriented text editor is used. Syntax checking (currently for Pascal and Ada) is done by a fast combined parser/pretty-printer. A single-key command will parse and pretty-print the current text node.

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