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Fagerström, J., Larsson, Y., and Strömberg, L. (1986). Debugging Techniques for Distributed Environments. Technical Report LiTH-IDA-R-86-35, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, Sweden. Accepted for the Workshop on Compiler and Incremental Compilation, Bautzen, East Germany, October 11-18, 1986 and the Workshop on Programming Environments - Programming Paradigms, Roskilde, Denmark, October 22-24, 1986. (bibtex),

Abstract: The nature of distributed systems complicates methods and tools for debugging and monitoring programs. Non-determinism, non-reproducibility of errors, and a complicated timing of events are some of the added complexities for distributed programs. This paper reports on an approach for debugging tools for procedural languages like ADA1, C[1] or Mesa [2].The debugger, consisting of a master debug module together with small slave debug modules at each node define the active part of the debugging system. High-level traces provide the backbone for examining historic states in the system.We will use these methods to provide an integrated, interactive, and incremental environment, where the user will be able to control the system from a modern, bitmapped, workstation such as SUN or XEROX workstation. The project also include studies of graphical representations of process interaction an, area where experimentation is a necessity.

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