Author instructions

The workshop proceedings will be published electronically in the Conference Proceedings Series of Linköping University Electronic Press. Please submit the camera ready copy both in source form and as a postscript/pdf file. Send them to Ulf Nilsson, email, no later than 11th of August. Note that all authors must sign a publishing agreement (sent out separately) to allow the electronic publishing before publishing the work on the Internet; however the authors retain the copyright.

If possible prepare the final manuscript using LaTeX2e with 10 point, single column, article style according to the following outline:


\title{Some Paper}
\author{Some Author\\Some place}

Blah blah blah ...

Blah blah blah ...


If you have to use non-standard style files, please remember to attach them; similarly if there are other required files such as postscript pictures etc.

Please use the plain bibliography style and include the list of references (the bbl-file) explicitly in the main file (rather than attaching the bib-file).

[Last updated 7 July, 2004]