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Previous teaching responsibilities

"Real-time Process Control"TTIT62.
An integrated theme in the 3rd year of the PBL-based Information Technology program that was given together with colleagues at the control engineering group (1997-2008).

Responsible for the 3rd term in the Information Technology engineering program acting as the coordinator of different courses (“terminsansvarig”).

Director of undergraduate studies in division of Software and Systems (SaS) 1998-2001.

Project financed by the Council for Renewal in higher education on Authentic examination for programming courses. The project developed an Automatic Examination environment, and evaluated it (preliminary report pdf). Collaboration with Torbjörn Jonsson, 2001-2002.

Educational program development

  • Developed the spring term in the third year of the PBL-based Information Technology engineering program together with Dr. Inger Klein from the automatic control division in the electrical engineering department (1996-2001). The aim was to teach operating systems, automatic control, real-time systems, linear algebra, transform theory and ethics in an integrated manner.
  • Responsible for designing the computer engineering profile in the 3rd and 4th year of the Industrial Engineering and management program. Profile contact person ("D-inrikningsansvarig") from1997-2002.

Computer studies and gender

NOT project: Joint study of educational preferences of students on 5 educational programs (lasting 4 years or more) at our department. The project goal was to identify differences in expectations or preferences among female and male students, across different topics of study, and in different teaching/examination settings (spring 98). The result of this study was a report (pdf, 24 pages in Swedish) that was completed in May 1999 (Abstract on two selected programs in English). The appendix includes the original questionnaire.

Conference organisation

PBL2000 the second international conference on Problem-Based Learning, Linköping, September 2000.

Courses given earlier

  • "Embedded System Simulation and Verification, Undergraduate project course"
  • Design of Embedded Real-time Systems, graduate course in collaboration with Zebo Peng and Petru Eles, 99/00.
  • Discrete Modelling, Transition Systems module in the ECSEL graduate course, 97/98.
  • Formal specification of reactive systems: theory and practice, graduate course covering the language of state charts, alternative semantics (axiomatic, operational, algebraic), collaboration with Jacek Malec, 95/96.
  • Real-time and concurrent programming TDDI80, 96/97.
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems - Part I, TDDI56, 95/96.
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Computer Equipment TDDB07, 94/95 - 97/98.

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