Transition Systems -- Module Description

Course contents

A four lecture module giving an introduction to Transition Systems is built based on the first two chapters of [1]. The following topics will be taken up in the lectures, though not necessarily in chronological order:


Specifying concurrent systems

Synchrony vs. Asynchrony

Interleaving and concurrency

Contact person

Simin Nadjm-Tehrani


Course book and related reading material

[1] Z. Manna and A. Pnueli. The Temporal Logic of Reactive and Concurrent Systems. Springer Verlag, 1991.
[2] K.M. Chandy and J. Misra. Parallel Program Design - A Foundation. Addison-Wesley, 1988.
[3] R.M. Keller. Formal Verification of Parallel Programs. Communications of the ACM, 19(7):371-384, 1976.

Last Modified: 3 November 1997