To register for DiSS 2017 follow the instructions below. Please note that the fees are different for ISCA and non-ISCA members, and while you have to be an ISCA member in order to register for/attend Interspeech this is not the case if you want to register for DiSS and only DiSS.

Registration should be done here:®LINEID=46269®LINENO=6®LINEPAGENO=1>

As you can see you are given four options:
1. Conference + Tutorials + Satellite Workshop
2. Conference + Tutorials + Satellite Workshop - STUDENT REGISTRATION
3. Satellite Workshops only
4. Tutorials only

Once you have chosen Option 3 you will be taken to a page that specifies the registration fees for ISCA members/non-members and full/student fees, respectively.

Please note that Early Registration ends on 21 June.

If you are only planning to attend DiSS 2017, and not Interspeech proper or another Satellite Workshop or Tutorial, chose Option 3.

Please note that registration for Interspeech requires ISCA membership:>

The Satellite Workshops and Special Events are listed here: