General Information

Latest update: 10 August 2017.

The Proceedings are now available. Click on the Proceedings button above

I have also made the Proceedings from all previous workshops available on the same page. Please note that some of these are scanned from papers and that there are no official proceedings from the 2015 meetings. (But this might change.)

All the individual papers can be downloaded from the Programme page (button above). Note that all papers have two additional pages with full bibliographical information added at the end so that downloaded papers can be easily cited/referred to.

A Welcome document will soon be emailed to all registered participants of DiSS 2017. If you are attending the workshop but have not received this document, please contact Robert Eklund.

The information below is mainly a reminder of the “workshop basics”

The dates of the workshop are (of course) on 18–19 August 2017 in Stockholm.

The workshop will be a two-days event, with (most likely) a reception or dinner on the first night, to make the transition to Interspeech
on the second day smoother, alternatively provide more time for transfer to the airport or whatever other way home participants may use.

Registration for DiSS 2017 is carried out through Interspeech/Akademikonferens, and
detailed instructions are found on the Registration page (button above).

The room will be Fantum, where is where DiSS  2013 took place, as kindly provided
by the previous organizers Joakim Gustafson and Jens Edlund.