New Britain (Niu Briten)

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New Britain is an island south west of New Ireland. New Britain is divided into two separate provinces, West New Britain (Wes Niu Briten) and East New Britain (Is Niu Briten).

East New Briten is perhaps the most developed part of Papua New Guinea, with the Port Moresby area, of course. Moreover, it has also been the cultural center of Papua New Guinea, and several of the most famous artists come from the Rabaul area.

The Rabaul area has been heavily influenced by recurring eruptions from the volcanos Turvurvur and Vulcan, and after the 1994 eruption, the administrative center was moved to Kokopo.

The Rabaul bay is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and if you go to Papua New Guinea, you should definitely try to make it to Rabaul.


Here are a few pictures from Rabaul.

Rabaul Airview Rabaul Morning Rabaul View Rabaul Airport Pic 1 Rabaul Airport Pic 2
Rabaul from the air Rabaul from the arriving ship, Rabaul Queen, early in the morning The view from the Volcanological Institute overlooking Rabaul The old airport, since 1994 covered in a three meter thick ash layer Rabaul airport, where the aircraft took off over Tuvurvur volcano, which is still smoking since the 1994 eruption


Here are a few pictures from Kokopo and Vunapope.

Kokopo airview Kokopo Street Pic 1 Kokopo Street Pic 2 Kokopo Market Waiting for a coach in Vunapope
Kokopo from the air. To the right Tokua Airport. On the other side of the bay you can see the volcanos surrounding Rabaul A typical dusty street in Kokopo. The 1994 volcanic eruption covered the entire bay area with volcanic ash Downtown Kokopo. Trying to replace the very dynamic Rabaul The Kokopo market. Still not living up to the old Rabaul market Waiting for a coach in Vunapope, a shopping center halfway out to the Tokua (New Rabaul) Airport

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