Fast-forwarding, Rewinding, and Path Exploration in Interactive Branched Video Streaming

Albin Vogel, Erik Kronberg and Niklas Carlsson

Paper: Albin Vogel, Erik Kronberg, Niklas Carlsson, "Fast-forwarding, Rewinding, and Path Exploration in Interactive Branched Video Streaming", Proc. ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM Multimedia), Chengdu, China, Oct. 2021. (pdf)

Abstract: With interactive branched video, the storyline is typically determined by branch choices made by the user during playback. Despite putting users in control of their viewing experiences, prior work has not considered how to best help users that may want to quickly navigate, explore, or skip parts of the branched video. Such functionalities are important for both impatient users and those rewatching the video. To address this void, we present the design, implementation and evaluation of interface solutions that help users effectively navigate the video, and to identify and explore previously unviewed storylines. Our solutions work with large, general video structures and allow users to effectively forward/rewind the branched structures. Our user study demonstrates the added value of our novel designs, presents promising tradeoffs, provides insights into the pros/cons of different design alternatives, and highlights the features that best address specific tasks and design aspects.


After the summer vacation, the software and code versions used in our paper will be made available here for use by the wider research community: code (1.55 GB), or code+video (912 MB). Please refer to our paper above for a description of the different components and the experimental setup. (The file contains commented source codes and a README file which should help in getting started with the files.)

Finally: If you mention or use our framework, datafiles, or code in your research, we kindly ask that you reference our ACM MM 2021 paper (pdf) in your work.