In memory of BobbyLue



To BobbyLou:

To say you were our best friend is not enough. You were our family. And even though you were the smallest member of this family you were without a doubt the toughest. You will always be with us BobbyLou. We carry you in our hearts and memories and you will never be lost.

We're sorry for any pain you might have suffered but we are so grateful to have been with you to the end and we tried to spare you what pain we could. You faced your illness with more bravery than either one of us could muster. You fought hard and lived a long (nearly 16 years!), happy life full of many good times right up until the end. Thank you for letting us know that it was ok for you to go. Right to the end you took care of us.

You had a way of making us laugh and smile, and you certainly had a knack for getting whatever you wanted! You were the best listener; you always understood and our conversations are treasured moments.

Know that we love you more than anything and we will always cherish your special ways that made you the most wonderful and precious creature. Your enormous brown eyes, so full of the essence that is BobbyLou, immediately charmed anyone who ever met you.

Our hearts ache for you at the same time as they are full with the unending, unconditional, and unbounded love that one little dog gave to two of the luckiest people on earth.

Good Bye Sweet Girl,

Niklas and Alexa, your husse and matte.

P.S. We hope that doggie heaven has met your expectations and is full of jumbones, strawberries, pig ears, mushrooms, soft food, people to give you lots of attention (including cuddling, tummy rubs, walks, and car rides), a new napping partner, lots of pillows and blankets, lots of interesting things to sniff, and unlimited pooping grounds.