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Master thesis proposal

The SCC die

The domain of multi- and manycore programming is an increasingly critical domain for high-performance computing, both aiming at execution time optimization or energy consumption. Applications range from ever-increasing computational power of supercomputers under an increasing power and energy constraint, as well as better energy autonomy for embedded systems such as sensors networks or mobile telephony. This pressure from industrial is visible in everyday life with the very active market of mobile telephones, and in university where among others, Ericsson finances the multicore computing lab used in TDDD56: Multicore and GPU Programming in order to train student on this hot topic. We think that an initial experience in multicore computing and energy optimization issues represents a key advantage for the jobs and industrial activities, nowadays and in the future.

I propose student a first topic to develop in order to get a first valuable experience in energy optimization and multicore computing, at the occasion of a master thesis work related to an actual research topic developped here in PELAB. There are many research project available for a master thesis, around my research on Crown Scheduling, that can lead to the publication of scientific articles. This includes benchmarking and porting benchmarking software to one (or several) multi- and manycore architectures, Compilation of streaming programs, scheduling algorithms parallelization and generalization, online scheduling of streaming tasks under makespan constraint for energy optimization. If you are interested, contact me or Christoph Kessler

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Last updated: 2014-10-22